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I was born with a love of art, and a love of horses. My first painting as a professional, was a portrait of a horse. It wasn't long before I landed representation at the leading art gallery in Franklin, TN, where I showed my first collection of horse portraits. From there things just fell into place! My work has been featured in American Art Collector Magazine, Nashville Arts, Horses in Art Magazine, and Art Galleries of the South. I have had the pleasure of participating in local art walks throughout Nashville and Franklin. I have been a featured artist in The Swan Ball, a prestigious charity event in Nashville. My artwork has also toured Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my horses were displayed at the Drury Hotel as well as the Hipico Horse Show and at the Santa Fe Export Showroom.


When I'm not painting, I'm riding my horses. I have been an avid equestrian nearly my entire life, competing across the West Coast, Canada, and now, the Southeast. My horses: Rory, Snuffles and Bing are my greatest loves. Although my French Bulldog, Bennie, is forever my partner in crime! My love for animals is reflected in my art. They bring joy to my life in so many different ways and I cannot imagine a day without them. If my artwork connects its viewer to a fond memory of a particular animal and brings joy to them, then I have succeeded. 

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